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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Tet Han thuc nho banh troi banh chay

I made banh troi banh chay last year with chi Thanh when we were on duty together. I totally forgot that yesterday was Tet Han thuc and forgot to buy materials to make these awesome dishes. I remembered our neighbor at home used to sell this stuff on 03/03 Lunar calendar for those who wanted to save time not going through the hassles themselves. I don't see any problem with making banh troi, banh chay. Especially now you can buy the pre-made dough instead of soaking the flour for a day. People should make them more as a way to understand the traditional cuisine. I myself love these traditional stuff. It's so much fun and relaxing to make this dish, especially with a friend. That reminds me of chi Thanh a lot. I miss her and miss cooking with her, my lovely sister.


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