Thonau's diary

This diary is made for my lovely honey, thonau. I hope you like it!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

When things go wrong

My mom called me on Thursday night. It's never a good sign when she called me anytime other than weekend. I just got done with my last exam that morning and I feel pretty excited that spring break is coming so close. Until I heard my mom saying that my grandpa is too sick, and he has been staying in the hospital the last four days. Although she tried to tell me to keep calm and that's things would be ok, I know it may not be. I can tell through her voice how serious it's getting to be. When I decided to go home for X-mas, I knew it might be the last time I got to see my grandpa. But I tried to avoid thinking about it. I tried hard to think that it'd be fine like it has been for a long time. I bought a phone card to talk to my grandpa in the hospital. He seemed to be fine, and persuaded me that there's nothing to worry about. But he could not talk for so long, and that often means he's not feeling well enough to keep talking. And the tears just kept rolling down my face and I didn't know what to do anymore :(