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Monday, January 24, 2005

Standardizing arguments

Prof: The strong argument is cogent.
Student: Sound
Prof: Thank you. Jesus, what in hell is worng with me today. Oh I know what it is, there' s some stupid beeping noises in my house since November. At first I guesses it's the fire alarm that is running out of battery, but I checked all of them, and they were fine. It must be built in inside the wall. Some crazy builder has thrown something in there. Damn it.
Student: Since November??
Prof: Yes, NOVEMBER. But it's getting fainter. I guess I just put up with it and sleep with my ear plugs on.
Student: Are you serious?
Prof: I am deadly serious.........Enough for that, now this argument is cogent because.......
Student: There's a beeping noise in your room....