Thonau's diary

This diary is made for my lovely honey, thonau. I hope you like it!

Monday, January 17, 2005

Boring piece of ....!

Monday morning, cold and tired, came to class and "got excited" with a series of molecular orbital stuff, all the pi and sigma and HOMO and LUMO and diene and dienophile (diene loving). What a way to start a day, well a week, actually. The not too bad thing was it was not too difficult, just crazy. Analytical was worse, and I meant it. After a week of glossary introducing and all the random and systematic uncertainties that I was already stuffed with and extremely hated in Physic lab, here comes the statistical analysis. I guess there's no way to get around it. That means wasting another half week listening to mean, standard deviation, normal distribution, z-score and t-scoreand zillions of those stupid things. Jesus, gotta have some mental problem to take another 365. That means at least three times repeating the same .... I am definitely not a Statisticsophile.

Snow in Delaware

There's no such feeling as waking up Sunday morning and being greeted by 5-inch of snow. WHITE, everything is covered with a plain, deadly cold white color. That also means some extra exercise in the morning to get ourselves motivated - scraping the snow off the car. That also means getting up 15 minutes earlier if planning to go somewhere. And in this -8oC- feel like -18oC weather, there's nothing to do with fun here.

Since there's no Korean BBQ ribs (Kalbi) to be found in CAM, we decided to have "mien luon" (bean thread noodle with eel soup) for Sunday dinner. CAM happened to have eel that day, just perfect timing. So far so good, except that there's no "rau ram" in the place. Well, since being a picky Vietnamese "food enjoyer", I'd rather take a long drive just to get that stupid but necessary herbs. A small bunch rang up to $1.50. Ouch!. If grandma knows this, she would take a massive heart attack. Ba co the mua duoc ca mot vuon rau ram de gui may bay sang cho chau do phai di mua voi cai gia cu chuoi nhu the. Oh well, that's American "rau ram", grandma. At least dinner was perfect (well, I thought it was).