Thonau's diary

This diary is made for my lovely honey, thonau. I hope you like it!

Saturday, January 15, 2005

First weekend after break

Three weeks of break seemed shorter than the first week of school. Daily life is stuffed with classes and labs and tons of unnecessary assignments. Never have I hated school that bad. Oh well, still 3 more to go.

Weekend is the best sound in English at this moment. Delaware is so cold and life is dead. Haven't got any snow yet (Better not be like last year). It's kinda frustrated not being able to go out but I love spending time with you, just two of us, when there's nothing to worry about (of course there's not much of such a time, just ever idealistic).

Thanh came back with a whole bunch of things. Me gui ruoc va nam va ti ti thu de con gai thuc hien cong cuoc vao bep chong doi. Thank cung mang sang ca com kho, roi doc mung va tai chua... "co bao gio nau dau co chu, nhung cu mang, bao la mang sang de lam qua cho em Thao...". (Nay, ko ninh not dut lot gi thi em Thao u them nau cho dau day...jk). Chi kho than Thanh hai goi o mai vua mang sang den noi da bi em Thao boc lot het. Co cai gi ngon ngon hay hay thi nen giau bot di ko thi...gonna wonder where they went.

I miss home so much. Almost 2 years already, 3 birthdays away from home. My mom must be so worried... all mothers are like that- " con gai luc nao chang be nho". I should have came home this Xmas. Oh well, 3 months will be for sure better than 3 weeks.

Ha Noi dang ret, ret cat da cat thit. Ngay xua moi lan o nha troi ret the nay la buoi toi ko muon hoc ma chi muon vao chan ngu voi ba` cho am. Phong ba`, giuong ba`, chan ba` bao gio cung am hon cua Thao (psychological thing, must be). Ban ngay di hoc phong xe may co mac 10 cai ao, va bit kin chi ho hai con mat thi van thay ret . Delaware tuyet co ngap trang xoa cung chang ret nhu cai ret 10 do C cua Ha Noi. Nghe noi dan tinh chi thich di xe buyt va taxi, chu chang them xe may nua. Gia ma duoc ve nha bay gio thi co ret may cung phong xe ra ngoai duong tat. Rat do mat moi la Ha Noi mua dong chu. Troi ret the nay ma toi nao di hoc ve cung thay chi chit nhung hang ban oc luoc ruou thuoc. Ret cam cam ma cung leu cung bat, chi vi cai vi cay cay cua gung cua ot va chen ruou thuoc voi bat oc luoc nong hoi lam cho nguoi am han len, chang thay dau cai ret buot da ay nua. Nguoi ban hang co le chi can nhin nhung khuon mat do hong cua khach xi xup hit ha cai cay nong cua oc luoc ma thay vui, thay am long, ma co du suc de ngoi phoi mat giua cai ret buot da ay. Ha Noi la the ma, nguoi ta ko suoi am bang lo suoi dien ma bang nhung dieu nho nhat, bang nhung tam long.