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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Back to OWU

It has been a while since my last post. Six months, actually, time just flew by before a blink. I have been back to OWU for 3 weeks and school started 10 days ago. Things go well mostly. This is the first year I am on the RA staff and the job does take quite a lot of time in my day. Three times in a row I am on duty and somebody waked me up at 3 am complaining about sth. And there went my whole night. But in most part it's fun. Like we have a real fire alarm before the fire drill, I have a double-as-single room and a roomate, who's actually my co-RA, living at the other end of the hall-way. We walked by the hallway zillion times a day and see each other half of those times. It's really nice to have a roomate without having to share the bedroom.

When I left Vietnam, my grandpa was still in the hospital. He took a heart attack earlier, not so serious, fortunately. However, when taken to the hospital, he was immediately transfered to the emergency room for an artery surgery. He was very weak after that, and I felt really bad when I had to leave for school. When old people get to some certain age, you can't tell what will happen and when.


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